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Hidden Barriers to CHP: Standby Rates and Ratchet Charges in Ohio

Join us October 27th at 10am ET for a webinar on standby rates and ratchet charges in Ohio.

Despite Ohio’s high technical potential for combined heat and power (CHP) technologies, Ohio's market lags behind in deployment of this technology. So, the question is why? Ohio CHP Connection’s 60 minute webinar will feature research into one of the biggest barriers to making a CHP project “pencil out” financially--standby rates and ratchet charges. Join us as Jennifer Kefer with the Alliance for Industrial Efficiency identifies the problem and lays out best practices for standby rates, after which Jamie Scripps of 5 Lakes Energy and Anna Dirkswager of the Great Plains Institute will detail their analysis of the charges that pose barriers to broader deployment of CHP in Ohio. The webinar will highlight what improvements to the standby rates and ratchet charges could help CHP flourish in Ohio. Our speakers are:

Jamie Scripps, 5 Lakes Energy
Anna Dirkswager, Great Plains Institute
Jennifer Kefer, Alliance for Industrial Efficiency
Miranda Leppla, Ohio Environmental Council